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A Letter to My Son,

God sent you to me to teach me things I had not learned yet. Oh sure, I thought I knew it all when you were born, we had already been through so much. How could I ever love you more than I did? You didn't have all the things they told me you had and I fought hard for you! Then you looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes and just melted me completely. You ARE an amazing being and you gave me this look like,we would be just fine mommy! How blessed I was! So, during the first year little guy, we fought the Dr.'s about your weight and we showed them mom was right and you were gonna gain weight and we would be just fine. Now people have been talking and I really was so busy taking care of you that I just sort of ignored it. But, we are closing in on our second beautiful year together and I see it baby, I see that you are struggling and if you wanna know a secret, baby, mommy is struggling too. See sweet love of mine, when you hurt, I hurt.When you have a hard time, so do I. I am connected to you and I hope you know I am behind you, beside you, holding you and loving you and however things turn out, I pray that you will always feel my love inside and I really pray we will be fine.

Written by Mommy to JAB 12/3/2010.


Marie, you are missed.

To My Grandfather & Grandmother: you were my mentor and my teacher and you both had a profound effect on who I am today... I will miss your wisdom, your humor and your guiding lights.
To My Mother, I love you forever
Our brave military everywhere in the world fighting for peace, prosperity and freedom for all people.

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